J-Term Internship

I don’t even know where to start as it has been a long time since my last post. During the fall semester I was so busy with finals I wasn’t able to find time to write anything. I can’t even believe that I made it through that semester, but I did  – and with grades that I am happy with. J-Term was nice because I found an internship in Lynchburg, so it saved me two hours a day not having to be in my car commuting. My internship was working for a doctor at Lynchburg General Hospital. Instead of doing the usual shadowing, he asked if I would be willing to do research. Of course, I said yes! Our research looked at a ten-year trend of antibiotic resistance of four of the five most common bacteria found in urinary tract infections. We also tested to see whether there was a significant difference in resistance rates among the general population compared to nursing home populations. There was a huge difference! We found that the normal “go to” antibiotic given to patients with urinary tract infections had a resistance rate of about 60% in nursing homes where the general population had resistance rates of about 30%. The exciting news is that the doctor I worked with thinks that I have written an outstanding paper and is in the process of having it reviewed by other members of the hospital (infectious disease and pharmacology).  There will be some edits to the paper, but he thinks that it should be published. After all corrections are made, we will be submitting it for publication!

Today is a day I feel as though I am going to be fine and make it to graduation, but I know that I will have overwhelming days this semester. I had to take 22 credits again in order to graduate this semester instead of the fall semester. I hope to take it one day at a time and not become completely overwhelmed by the workload (Wish me luck!)


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